Rosa Foundation – Reaching Out to South America

Rosa Foundation was founded in 2016 to empower poor and disadvantaged communities across South America.  Our educational projects, financial support and faith based initiatives have helped reduce violence and provide opportunities to families living in extreme poverty.

The core work of Rosa Foundation has always been based on values and principles that are at the heart of Islam.  By the grace of Allah this has led to many of our beneficiaries embracing Islam.  Over the last 3 years the Muslim community in South America has continued to grow, but without resources and  basic necessities practising their faith can be a struggle.


Our Story


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Our Projects


All of our projects aim to help reduce violence in the areas where we work through effective education, employment and faith-based intiatives.


Studying Islam

For the converts in South America the lack of understanding and knowledge in Islam creates many problems.  Our project sponsors Muslim students to study Islam in Morocco and educate others in their community.


Sewing Schools

Our Sewing Schools empower women in poverty with the skills and knowledge to provide for their families.  Support our work to transform lives of families in poverty and give them the opportunity for a better life.


Islamic Website

There is an urgent need to provide quality resources and materials on Islam in Portuguese for Brazilians.  It will increase understanding of Islam, decrease Islamophobia in the region and strengthen the growing Muslim communities.

“Whoever spends in charity out of their lawful provision, Allah will accept it and expand it until it will be like a mountain” (Bukhari; Muslim)