About us

The Rosa Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales and was founded in 2016.  Our projects in South America aim to empower underprivileged communities and families to have a brighter future.  All of our work and behaviour is guided by the core values which are entrenched in Islam;   love, generosity communal peace-building and education.

In the last three years we have developed individuals and their communities through mentoring, sports, vocational training support, international networking and Islamic education.  We have  given hundreds of children and their families the ability to build a life outside of poverty and have a brighter future.

What we do

The World Bank defines the “extreme poor” as those living on less than $1.90 a day.  According to the 2018 World Bank report on “Ending Extreme Poverty”, South America had approximately 17 million people who live in extreme poverty.

New Muslims often come from poverty-stricken backgrounds, particularly in Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Venezuela.  Many urgently need food, shelter and financial support after escaping extreme violence, hospitalisation and dire family situations.  Since 2016, we have distributed approximately £20,000 in zakat to those in desperate need,

The vision of Rosa Foundation is to give South Americans the skills and opportunities to escape extreme poverty.  Through effective education, employment and faith-based interventions we are reducing violence and poverty in communities across the region.

Our 100% donation policy and relationships with local communities means that your Sadaqah and Zakat will be going to those who need it the most.

Islamic Website

There is an urgent need to provide quality resources and materials on Islam in Portuguese for Brazilians.  It will increase understanding of Islam and decrease Islamophobia in the region.

Studying Islam

Support us to sponsor students to study Islam in Morocco.  Upon returning to Brazil, the students will communicate and share their knowledge of Islam to others interested in Islam.

Emergency Relief

Thousands of new Muslims across South America are living in extreme poverty.  We provide families with the food, shelter and basic necessities they need to survive.