Islamic Website

Islam is deeply misunderstood in South America.  Islamophobia is increasing  across the region and many converts are left isolated in their own communities.

The lack of high quality resources and educational tools in Portuguese is a significant barrier to improving the knowledge and understanding of Islam.  For converts, new Muslims and those interested in Islam in South America there are very few tools to help them practise their faith and the wider community has no means to better understand Islam.

Our new Islamic educational website (Iqara Islam) and Facebook page will have over 600 articles and resources that have been translated into Portuguese by several Brazilian volunteers.  It will not only support new Muslims in their faith, but also challenge the  anti-Muslim feeling and Islamophobia that is widespread across the continent.

Funds are needed for the development and management of the new website and App and translations of some of the materials.

With this funding we will:

  • Create a more appealing website
  • Develop a mobile phone App for greater accessibility
  • Translate and subtitle relevant Islamic videos
  • Record classes to teach Prophetic sira, Maliki fard ‘ayn, Hanafi fard ‘ayn, Islamic history and Aqida
  • Facilitate research to enable the answering of questions

Donate your Sadaqah to support this project.