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We have decided to support an Islamic educational website (Iqara Islam) and facebook page with traditional Islamic material translated into Portuguese by several Brazilian volunteers. Currently there is no website in Portuguese providing quality material to enrich people’s perspectives on Islam. Iqara Islamaverages 15,000 monthly accesses and has over 600 translated articles. This project is critical because Islam is deeply misunderstood in South America and there is an urgent need to provide quality resources and materials on Islam in Brazil. It is hoped this will contribute to increase understanding of Islam and Muslims, while decreasing antiMuslimism and Islamophobia which is widespread in many parts of the continent.

Funds are needed for the new website design, a website manager, costs of making the phone app, some support for the research and study of Islam, translations of materials

With this funding we will:

  • Create a more appealing website
  • Create a mobile phone app for greater accessibility
  • Translate and subtitle relevant Islamic videos
  • Record classes to teach Prophetic sira, Maliki fard ‘ayn, Hanafi fard ‘ayn, Islamic History and Aqida
  • Facilitate research to enable the answering of questions

Donate your Sadaqah to support this project.